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Due diligence dark glasses

I love words, as you know.  But – like Jaffa Cakes on the shelves and “Today” on Radio 4 in the morning – we sometimes take them for granted.  (Although with the recent sale of United Biscuits to a Turkish … Continue reading

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The detrimental quarter

Three of my very most favourite things in the world are delivering training, MLROs and biscuits – so when I can combine the three (as in tomorrow’s workshop for experienced MLROs in Guernsey, with two biscuit breaks) I am a … Continue reading

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A death-knell for HVDs

Last week I went to a funeral, and as I sat outside the crematorium waiting for it to begin, I observed the rather large number of undertakers in attendance.  The funeral business is manpower heavy, what with the preparation of … Continue reading

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Last week I wrote a post about the best proportion of staff to have working in compliance.  My husband – who for reasons of marital harmony is a dedicated and generally complimentary reader of this blog – is an engineer … Continue reading

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Now just play nicely

There has been a lot in the press recently about an announcement on 3 November 2014 of what the FT has called a “poacher-turned-gamekeeper” agreement that will see staff from the bank RBS training officers from the City of London Police … Continue reading

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One in ten

As I mentioned recently, HSBC has been having a rough old time with AML “issues”.  (“Issues” is one of those softly-softly words that we now use, alongside “vulnerable” and “downsizing”.)  And I missed it earlier this year, but at the … Continue reading

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NED and board

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the new Senior Managers Regime, being proposed by the UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority to “clarify the lines of responsibility at the top of banks, enhance the regulators’ … Continue reading

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Beware Greeks bearing bribes

I’ve just had a week’s holiday in Crete – lovely, thank you for asking.  The town we visited – Chania, in the west of the island – seemed to be doing well, albeit slowing down for the end of the … Continue reading

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Drawing a veil over political correctness

Anyone who has been to my AML introductory training for new staff will have seen my slide showing a Serbian photographic driving licence offered as proof of identity by a lady of Iraqi origin.  The problem with it is that the … Continue reading

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Sit! Heel! Sniff!

We Brits are used to exporting our expertise, but did you know that our sniffer dogs and their trainers and handlers are used all over the world?  Back in 2008, Robbie the cocker spaniel was lent to police at Rome’s … Continue reading

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