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A novel about historical money laundering – mine!

My novel, that is – not my laundering.  I don’t normally do this, as I like to reserve this blog for serious matters ML and AML (apart from next Tuesday, when I think I’ll write about dogs), but I feel … Continue reading

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Too many cooks?

At a recent regulatory shindig in Washington (again, DC rather than Tyne and Wear), Citigroup chairman Michael O’Neill called for America’s banking regulators to merge into a single banking watchdog and referred to the current fragmented regulatory regime as a … Continue reading

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First, take your criminal money

Recently I wrote about starting out in AML.  One of the first websites I found (and let’s remember that my AML education started before websites…) was Billy’s Money Laundering Information Website, which is still there.  I am not sure when … Continue reading

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Postcards from the proceeds

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, while you read this blog at your desk, looking out at the pouring rain and contemplating turning up the heating, I am sitting on a harbour-side balcony in Crete.  And my husband is … Continue reading

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The ultimate mansion tax

We all value the little bolt-hole we call home – be it ever so humble, etc.  Well, for the hard-working Second Vice President of Equatorial Guinea, it’s this modest dwelling.  Overlooking the Malibu coastline in California, this mansion has six … Continue reading

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Paying it forward

Back in the dark ages, when I first fell in love with money laundering (and its anti cousin), I was lucky enough to meet two or three people who knew a lot about the subject and were so generous with … Continue reading

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Chirpy-chirpy cheap tweet

From yesterday customers of Groupe BPCE, France’s second-largest bank, have been able to transfer money via tweets.  Nicolas Chatillon, chief executive of S-Money, BPCE’s mobile payments unit, explained that they are offering simple person-to-person money transfers via Twitter to French … Continue reading

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If you can’t stand the heat…

HSBC is not having a good decade.  First there was the 2012 money laundering prosecution and penalty.  Then one of their directors, Rona Fairhead, was grilled by MPs when she took up the post of BBC Chair.  Then it was announced … Continue reading

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Crimes against fashion

When police forces announce their “policing priorities” for the coming year, they always preface them by saying that these are the crimes about which the public is most concerned – and it’s overwhelmingly car crime (in the UK at least).  So … Continue reading

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Nothing to hide

As you read this, Guernsey is playing host to an evaluation team from MONEYVAL.  This is one of the first fourth-round evaluations being carried out under the new evaluation methodology, whereby jurisdictions will be rated not only on their AML/CFT … Continue reading

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