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Not nice people at all

I am not good with violence – certainly not dishing it out, but not even watching it.  I nearly keeled over into my popcorn during the chair-whipping scene in “Casino Royale”; after all, I had grown up with Bond films where … Continue reading

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Time for a PEP talk

I have been working in Guernsey this week, and talking (amongst other things) about the proposed changes coming down the line towards us in the Fourth Money Laundering Directive .  (And before anyone says anything, no, Guernsey is not a member … Continue reading

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But it is your business

Sometimes I think we can get so bogged down in paperwork (“Who can certify this copy document?”, “What about the client who does everything online and so has no paper statements or bill?) that we forget our most potent AML … Continue reading

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He’s not off to sunny Spain

I have always felt that one of the benefits – nay, the joys – of working in AML is that there is never time to become bored or complacent.  Just as you get to grips with how it all works, … Continue reading

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By his purchases shall ye know him

Someone suggested the other day that I should write a book about AML, and I said that I already had.  It made me think about it, so I went back and counted how many I have written, and it’s actually … Continue reading

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Coming back to haunt her

If I say the words “HSBC” and “Mexico” in the same sentence, we all know whereof I speak.  (For any newcomers to AML, this is good summary.)  Busy as I am obsessing about all things money laundering, I do not … Continue reading

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NCA gets tough on consent

Because I am such a structured sort of person myself (big excitement last week, for instance, when the 2015 wall planner went up), I very much like the UK’s consent timetable.  That’s not what anyone else calls it, I daresay, … Continue reading

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Now you see it…

My husband (who subscribes to this blog – well, we need something to talk about over dinner) commented the other day that my posts are much longer than they used to be.  He’s right: my early posts were about 200 … Continue reading

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Do they have a means form?

As my voluntary service, I work as a magistrate in Cambridge.  And when magistrates are imposing a financial penalty on someone, we always ask for their “means form”, on which they detail their income and outgoings – in short, we want … Continue reading

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Going against nature

I try to keep up with it all, I really do, but there is just too much serious financial naughtiness for me to track everything.  So thank goodness for the Economist, and its recent story on corruption in Catalonia.  The … Continue reading

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