A post-quadricentennial review

Ordinarily, I write my blog posts when the spirit moves me, and then schedule them to appear at appropriate times.  (Have you noticed the pattern?  It’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday one week, then Tuesday, Thursday the next.  And I try to make the post appear at about 1030, when you’re thinking of a coffee and a biscuit and little something to read during the break.)  All of this forward-planning means that I tend to miss milestones – but on Monday I did a “live” post (wrote it and published it immediately) and WordPress rewarded me with a little trumpety noise and an announcement that I had just made my 400th post.  Heavens, that’s a lot of views and opinions and comments and thoughts – and often silliness.  So I thought I would have a quick look back.

My very first post on this blog (I had a sort-of blog for a few years on my old website, of course, but not with all the bloggish bells and whistles you have come to expect) was on 13 July 2011 – and it started with the rather unpromising words: “I was having a pedicure at the weekend”.  Nonetheless, you kindly stuck with me, and today I can proudly claim to have 350 “followers”.  (That’s not in the “Cranford” sense, when female servants were not permitted followers as they might go off and marry them – my followers are lovely people who have agreed to receive an email every time I feel the urge to say something on my blog.)  In total, the blog has been viewed 32,367 times (as as I write) – which is just gasting my flabber.  My most popular individual post ever – with 157 views – was on 19 June 2013, when I wrote about taking a holiday from laundering.  Perhaps people were hoping I would shut up for a while…  And in total there have been 784 comments on the blog.  As I make it a matter of policy and politeness to reply to every comment, we should divide that in half to discount my own comments on comments, but that still leaves 392 times that people have been moved to say something in response to a post – which is just wonderful.  Thank you all for your interest and support, and here’s to another 400 posts.

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4 Responses to A post-quadricentennial review

  1. Paul Coleman says:

    Susan, many thanks from one who looks forward to reading your blogs. I congratulate you on keeping the content fresh and relevant. Keep them coming please. Regards

  2. What a very kind comment, Paul – I shall certainly do my best. If nothing else, it makes an interesting record of what was preoccupying the AML mind in recent years. As Oscar Wilde suggested, it is always best to have something sensational to read on the train!
    Best wishes from Susan

  3. Claire says:

    Congratulations on your 400th! Impressive how you manage: book writing, blog writing and giving AML workshops – successful in all 3. Jaffa cakes should sponsor you with all the advertising you are doing for them 🙂

  4. Now there’s a thought, Claire – perhaps I should contact them! I can see it now: “New MLRO workshop, fuelled by Jaffa Cakes”!
    Best wishes from Susa

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