This little piggy went to Guernsey

I hope you will forgive me a little toot on my own horn (parp parp) but it’s not every week that I publish four books.  And I do need your help with a rather important decision.

Some while ago, you accompanied me on an e-publishing adventure as I coaxed my series of five books on AML for non-executive directors onto the bookshelves. I enjoyed it all so much that as one of my 2014 AML resolutions I conceived an even grander project: AML books for staff.  And this week sees the publication of the first four in the series.  “Anti-Money Laundering: What You Need to Know” is designed for general staff – rather than for MLROs or directors – and covers the central AML tenets of CDD, record-keeping, internal reporting and staff training, as well as an overview of the legislation, some case studies and red flag indicators, and links to further information.  The piggy proved so popular with NEDs that he agreed to pose once again on his beach, this time in a yellow outfit – and I have also commissioned (get me! I’m like Alan Yentob in a Boden dress) some cartoons from a chap who used to work at the Economist.  Only the best for my lovely readers.  The book is priced at a friendly £5.99, so I am hoping that MLROs might feel that they can purchase a few to scatter around.  Crucially, the yellow piggies are very specific – to both jurisdiction and sector.  So the first four (you can see them in their aurulent splendour here) are all for Guernsey: banking, accountancy, fiduciary and insurance editions.

Now this is where I need your help.  I am planning to do UK editions next, and I’m thinking: banking, accountancy, fiduciary and investment.  Then Jersey: banking, accountancy, fiduciary and investment again.  Then perhaps Isle of Man and perhaps Gibraltar.  Do you have any thoughts on jurisdictions and sectors that might be popular?  I have tended to leave the lawyers alone, as most seem to prefer reading books written by other lawyers – but I could be tempted.  Any suggestions or other feedback would be very welcome.

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8 Responses to This little piggy went to Guernsey

  1. Tanguy, Nikki says:

    Sat reading mine now. Very well written and an easy read. Well done.

    Nicolla J Tanguy
    Managing Director

    Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd, Guernsey Branch
    Direct Dial +44 1481 739801

  2. Ah Nikki, that is so kind! Thank you. Strange to think of you having your copy before I have mine (author copies are sent from America, buyer copies from the UK – not sure why)!
    Best wishes from Susan

  3. Jerry says:

    Advertising by mail shot obviously works then! I bought one too as a birthday present for Nikki!

  4. Roy McCarthy says:

    Good luck with this venture Susan. I was thinking you might wrap up the lawyers with accountants and estate agents and expand on AML implications of property transactions. Next jurisdiction might be Ireland?

  5. Many thanks for this suggestion, Roy – I am gathering all the comments and ideas that people send, and will try to rationalise them into four editions per jurisdiction. I hadn’t though of Ireland… it’s now on the list!
    Best wishes from Susan

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