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Middle-aged men still in danger

Back in November 2012, the campaigning organisation Action Fraud garnered some excellent headlines for its research by revealing that the people most likely to fall for investment scams are over-confident men aged between 36 and 55.  Although there are still … Continue reading

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GSOH and banking job

A client recently asked me to include in their training for front-office staff a comforting reminder about SARs.  Comforting?  Well, they wanted their staff to know that the subject of a SAR will never know who dobbed them in, and … Continue reading

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Sentence first, verdict afterwards

Ah, you’ve got to love the Queen of Hearts and her unique grasp on judicial process.  Some months ago I mentioned that I had responded to a consultation by the UK’s Sentencing Council on proposed guidelines for corporate offences of … Continue reading

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Clouded judgment

Sometimes I don’t know my own strength.  There was that time I stamped on a box of After Eights in frustration at not being able to peel off the easy-peel cellophane.  And now the US government has hupped-to at my … Continue reading

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Grubby around the collar

This year marks the 75th birthday of a concept that is central to those of us engaged in AML endeavours: white collar crime.  On 27 December 1939, American sociologist Edwin Sutherland gave a speech to the American Sociological Association, of which … Continue reading

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Can’t buy me love

You know how I like to mark all the major festivals (Administrative Professionals’ Day and International Mother Language Day are obvious highlights), so it would be remiss of me to let today pass without talking about lurve.  And specifically, of … Continue reading

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Fun and games

Some years ago, I designed a money laundering simulation game called WhiteWash.  It was a card-based game for use in training sessions.  In essence, I divided people into groups, gave them a set of cards (featuring jurisdictions, institutions and people) … Continue reading

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If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made

I wrote about the underestimated dangers of counterfeiting just before Christmas, and the topic has once again been under discussion in Grossey Mansions.  On a recent episode of “Fake or Fortune?” (which I watch avidly, as Fiona Bruce has my … Continue reading

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Should we really employ an evil genius?

A recent article in the Economist, entitled “Mwahahaha…: creativity and cheating“, describes some research undertaken at Harvard and the University of Southern California.  Participants were given tasks to test their honesty, and then different ones to assess their creativity.  And … Continue reading

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Better late than corrupt

Some of my more dedicated readers may remember that about a year ago I was working myself up into a fizz of anticipation, as I was invited to a conference in Brussels on 15 March 2013 at which the EU … Continue reading

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