My e-publishing adventure – part 17

I think it’s probably time to knock this occasional series of posts on the head – after all, Part 17 is quite a lot, isn’t it?  But I thought that one more update was in order, as over the weekend I completed a long-term project and published – as a Kindle book – the final three adventures of Edward Jones, MLRO-about-town.  Yes, “Suspicious Activity: The Adventures of a Money Laundering Reporting Officer – Part 6” is now available here.  I’m quite sad to see Edward go, but the agreement was always that he would have a limited run – although the Powers That Be at Money Laundering Bulletin (where Edward always makes his debut) have suggested that he might like to return in his new role.  I’m saying no more – you’ve had a new Doctor Who already this week, and the excitement might be too much.

You’re also piggy fans (otherwise known as “Anti-Money Laundering: A Guide for Non-Executive Directors”), I know, so in June and July I can report that I sold seven copies of Guernsey piggy, four of international piggy, two of UK piggy and one of Jersey piggy.  But something strange is happening Guernsey – strange but wonderful, from my perspective.  Already this month (and it’s only the 5th, and we’re in the summer hols) I have sold two Guernsey piggies, and then this appeared on Amazon at the weekend:

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 16.20.54

Thank goodness I took the screenshot because it’s gone now, but did you see that?  The orange flag on the right of the Guernsey piggy listing?  It says  “#1 Best Seller” in my category!  To all those lovely book-buying people in Guernsey, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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