Many years ago, when I was an AML baby, I attended a large international financial crime conference, as the assistant to one of the speakers.  He was something of a Big Cheese in AML at that point – and I was there to help with paperwork, collect business cards on his behalf, remind him about meetings, etc.  During one of the conference breaks, he left his laptop – stuffed with AML presentations, research, plans and more – in the main lecture room, and it was pinched.  It might well have been someone just after a laptop, but he was convinced that it had been taken by international money launderers keen to hone their craft.

Last Friday, I was speaking at a much smaller AML event – I’m rather less of a Big Cheese and more of a Dairylea triangle.  I put on display some copies of my piggy book – and someone pinched one!  Maybe they thought they were freebies, or maybe it was another money launderer trying to hone his craft.  Husband advises that I should feel flattered, that someone wanted the book so much that they were willing to commit a crime to get one, and that I should see the hilarious irony (harrumph) in having an item stolen at an anti-crime event.  I just hope that my poor little piggy has gone to a good home, and is not now racketing around with a gang of international criminals – you try to set a good moral example, but once they’re out in the big wide world, you just have to hope.

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2 Responses to Pignapped!

  1. Keith Hood says:

    That wasn’t the event at St Paul de Vence by any chance was it? I remember it well!

  2. My lips are sealed, Keith – what happens in St Paul stays in St Paul!

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