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Sometimes size does matter

Earlier this week I was running a workshop for people who are responsible for AML training within their firms, and we had a familiar debate: face-to-face or CBT?  (There are other options, but those are the two main ones: you … Continue reading

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‘Twas ever thus – even in 1965

As a teenager living in a posh bit of Surrey, my husband moved in a very showbizzy set, and once went on a couple of dates with Melanie Thaw (daughter of actor John).  Despite this, I do still permit him … Continue reading

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Clandestine legislation

There I was on Thursday morning, my whole day carefully planned ahead of me (including two McVitie’s dark chocolate digestives at elevenses – something to aim for), when wham!  I opened a news feed and there, nestled unobtrusively in its … Continue reading

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The modern Doctors Frankenstein

Perhaps unsurprisingly, working in an anti-crime business means that we do have to delve into some of the nastier recesses of human activity – and organ trafficking is one of the nastiest of all.  I have been including it in … Continue reading

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