Tweet to who?

I’m not an early adopter.  I still watch “Poldark” (the original series) on videotape.  I do not have a smartphone or anything beginning with an i, and I drive a 26-year old car.  And so I was always going to be late to the Twitter party.  Indeed, I wouldn’t have bothered putting on my glad-rags and going at all, except that I am self-publishing my first novel next month and everyone in the fiction self-publishing world says that tweeting is essential.  So I’m giving it a go.

I had a brief flirtation with the pointless babble updates I used to mock; my very first tweet (which happened to be true but was still inane) was this: “Overheard today in local sports shop: We can tell your mum we bought a new cricket bat, but we can’t tell her it cost £110.”  And then I realised that I couldn’t drum up any enthusiasm for continuing with that caper, and moreover I couldn’t see how this would help me attract readers for a book on financial crime in 1824.  So I had an epiphany and have decided to use Twitter simply to complement my other AML/financial crime activities: if I come across an interesting snippet of AML/financial crime news, I shall retweet it (get me with the lingo).  So if you’re at all twittery yourself, you can now get even more me, @susangrossey.  (Is that how you give your Twitter-ness?  Those of you who know, will know.)

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3 Responses to Tweet to who?

  1. Claire says:

    Funny! But I feel the same: where do those people find the enthousiasm to tweet all day, about silly things. And where do they find the time? So I know that when you want to promote a business, you must blog, tweet, write on forums, write on other blogs, facebook, … where do you find time to actually do something then? Once every so many months I get up the courage and tweet. And retweet. @DesignClaire

  2. Well, this tweeting lark is still a novelty (for this unfeathered bird, at least), but I catch myself wanting to check whether anyone new is “following” me! Mind you, I do that on this blog as well. I don’t think it’s to convince myself that I’m popular (at least, I hope it’s not that) – it’s more that I like to know that what I am writing is of use to people, and that they find it worth spending their time reading. Here’s hoping!
    Best wishes from Susan

  3. Claire says:

    I know. But I must admit it’s easier to get people to follow you on Twitter than on a blog!

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