Clandestine legislation

There I was on Thursday morning, my whole day carefully planned ahead of me (including two McVitie’s dark chocolate digestives at elevenses – something to aim for), when wham!  I opened a news feed and there, nestled unobtrusively in its lower reaches, was this: “Isle of Man revised AML legislation comes into force on 1 May 2013”.  Eh?  That’s yesterday, I thought – well, the day before yesterday now – and Nobody Told Me.

The thing is, I rather pride myself on keeping on top of things AML-wise.  Other things can go to pot – I’ve several “to do” lists that are older than most people’s children – but AML, well, I tend to prioritise that.  And if my own research isn’t keeping up, I’m blessed to have friends in all of “my” jurisdictions who kindly uncover and send on to me any titbits and hot gossip that I may have missed – such friends are one of the joys of my rather solitary life.  But on this occasion – nada, zip, zilch, not a sausage or a whisper.  I had absolutely no inkling that the Isle of Man was consolidating its two Codes into one all-purpose Code.  For those of you who are likewise concerned that you have been caught napping, here you go.

Thankfully I have now discovered and subscribed to the Isle of Man FSC’s RSS feed, so they won’t be able to sneak up on me again.  But, obsessed as I am with accuracy and currency in these matters, it meant that I spent most of yesterday not on the previously planned work, but on updating both the Isle of Man edition of my NEDs book (otherwise known as “the pig in shades”) and the training that I am delivering to an Isle of Man client on Tuesday.  But you’ll be relieved to know that I did still get my biscuits; it’s only revised legislation, after all, not a new world order.

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