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And it shall come to pass

(I can’t help noticing that my post titles recently have had something of a Biblical bent to them but then, rather like Shakespeare, God gets all the best lines.) Many moons ago, people started asking me about the money laundering … Continue reading

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The piggy gets his passport

Isn’t the Internet an astonishing tool?  The other day I received an email from a boy I have not seen since my last day of school in Singapore (June 1984, to save you working it out – we’re talking shoulder … Continue reading

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Blessed are the peacemakers

The Catholic church has been on my mind recently.  No, it’s not because of Dan Brown’s latest book (although the review in this week’s Spectator is priceless).  Rather it’s the recent rearing up of that church against some of its more … Continue reading

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Bad planning

As a rule, I like to blog (is that a verb yet?) at least twice a week, and usually three times.  But on Wednesday I was so over-excited when I heard about the Vatican that I accidentally blogged twice in … Continue reading

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This may be the word of the Lord

The Autorità di Informazione Finanziaria (AIF – the Vatican City’s FIU) has today published its first annual report, covering 2012.  You can see it here – and if you’re not feeling particularly Mediterranean, simply scroll down halfway and it turns … Continue reading

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My e-publishing adventure – part 16

Well, it’s that time again, when I update you on the dizzying progress of my various AML publications up the charts.  I find to my astonishment (and doubtless your relief) that we haven’t discussed this since Christmas. You will be … Continue reading

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Now you see it, now you don’t

I mentioned a little while ago that I will soon be publishing my first novel, set in 1824.  I chose that period of history because of the huge developments in finance at the time: paper money (as opposed to coin … Continue reading

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If you can see what I can see, when I’m…

We all know that everyone loves stories, case studies and real life dramas in training.  Likewise, we all know that the big ones – Abacha, HSBC, Madoff – are good for several slides, lots of detail and some amusing photos. … Continue reading

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Tweet to who?

I’m not an early adopter.  I still watch “Poldark” (the original series) on videotape.  I do not have a smartphone or anything beginning with an i, and I drive a 26-year old car.  And so I was always going to … Continue reading

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AML on a dollar a day

I’ll admit up front that I didn’t think of this post all by myself – but then that’s the beauty of t’Interweb.  I keep a list of possible blog topics, including “money-saving tips for the MLRO”.  And then today an … Continue reading

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