My e-publishing adventure – part 14

With Christmas approaching, a couple of you have kindly shown interest in my progress up the bestseller charts, and so here is the latest news.  It is, to be frank, a story of two halves.  Edward Jones is not doing well – sales of all five parts of “Suspicious Activity” are falling faster than Felix Baumgartner.  If any of you is giving a loved one a Kindle for Christmas, please do consider whether they might be interested in the adventures of a rather suave MLRO and his team of compliance experts.  OK, so that was a long shot.

On the other hand, Ned the pig in shades is proving something of a hit.  Imagine my delight when I logged on one day at the beginning of November (should I admit that I start every day by checking sales figures – no, probably not, so please forget I ever suggested such a thing) to find that overnight 28 copies of the Guernsey edition had been sold!  It seems highly unlikely that 28 people separately thought on the very same day, “I say, what I really need is a non-executive’s guide to the Guernsey AML regime – where could I find such a marvellous publication?”, and so I assume that someone placed a bulk order for all the NEDs of their acquaintance.  Whoever you are, I thank you enormously.

As for my hopes for Christmas, I think I may have to rely on hinting that either Edward or Ned is the previously undiscovered love-child/pig of a Z-list celebrity – preferably one currently stuck in the jungle.  “Sty to Star: Ned Bares All”….

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