It does what it says on the form

Clunk click every trip.  Don’t die of ignorance.  Don’t be an amber gambler.  It depends on your age, but everyone can remember some public information slogans from their childhood and youth (and beyond – that middle one was for AIDS in 1987).  (And my husband still goes a bit grey around the gills when you mention that film showing a barefooted boy running on a beach towards a broken bottle…)  The thing about these slogans is that they really stick in your mind.  And it makes me wonder whether what AML lacks, to make it really memorable and perhaps a bit jazzy, is A Slogan.

We could model it on already famous examples: Check, tick, every box.  But that’s not quite the message we’re peddling these days.  Don’t transact in ignorance, perhaps, or due diligence is good for you.  Happiness is a form filled completely.  Because I’m high net worth.  Go to work on a PEP.  Naughty and not nice.  Or, for the more jaded MLROs among you: just do it.

Suggestions please!

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3 Responses to It does what it says on the form

  1. Philip Charsley says:

    In the words of the gifted and slightly dodgy rapper – Snoop Doggy Dogg: ‘I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind’. (I didn’t think of this, a colleague did but it’s better than anything I came up with). Snoop prefaces the statement with the words ‘Laid Back’ which is not necessarily apt. Though I do like the idea of using an anti-hero for anti-money laundering. Ya know wha’m sayin?

  2. Someone has sent me an email suggesting “Comply or Die”! I won’t mention who….

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