The pig in shades hits a century

I think they call it a slow-burner – “Fifty Shades” it ain’t.  But the pig in shades (more properly known as “Anti-Money Laundering: A Guide for the Non-Executive Director”) is gently warming his crackling, and since the publication of his first incarnation in the UK in April he has now sold exactly one hundred copies.  For those of you interested in the breakdown (no, not mine – the breakdown of the sales figures) we’re looking at 31 copies of the UK edition, 16 of the Jersey edition, 5 of the Isle of Man edition, and a whopping 48 copies of the Guernsey edition.

I am delighted to think that there are now one hundred NEDs out there whose AML lives are being made more comfortable through the genial companionship of the pig who has perhaps inevitably been named Ned.  And I was so taken by the pleasure and immediacy of the self-publishing process that I am wondering whether I should tackle another AML angle.  If anyone has any suggestions, please do pass them along – if only so that we can see what my lovely cover designer chappie can do to rival Ned.  And a really big porcine thank you to all of you who have very kindly bought the book, in whatever flavour.

STOP PRESS:  I have just noticed as I finish writing this post that four more copies of the IoM edition have been bought this very morning – hurrah!  (Has something dramatic has happened in Douglas – has a NED gone to prison?)

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