My e-publishing adventure – part 13

It’s been a while, what with the summer “bumper beach read” July/August issue of Money Laundering Bulletin and other writing projects taking precedence, but at long last – to the joy of his eight readers worldwide – here is the fifth part of “Suspicious Activity”, with three new adventures for MLRO-about-town Edward Jones.  In this latest part, Edward tries to fill the gaps in his bank’s EDD procedures, and realises that there are more connections than he had suspected between Head of New Business Giles Ferguson, missing account manager Jack Greenway, and a corrupt Peruvian PEP.  And all masterminded from a small town in Surrey.  Some of you may have taken part in a poll I did to find a new character to introduce to the team, and so Winston the teddy bear makes his debut.  I’ll know better than to ask next time, won’t I?  Just you try writing a stuffed toy into a tale of international intrigue and money laundering.  Rest assured that it is all good clean fake-fur fun.

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2 Responses to My e-publishing adventure – part 13

  1. Victoria Wilkinson says:

    Hi Sue

    I’m not sure if you know this or not – but is Suspicious Activity only available on the Kindle or can I order it in some other format?



    Victoria Wilkinson
    Compliance Support Officer

    P.O. Box 603, 3rd Floor, Charter Place, 23-27 Seaton Place, St. Helier, Jersey, JE4 0WH
    DDI +44(0)1534 765262

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  2. Hi Vicky

    Lovely to hear from you. “Suspicious Activity” is published only in Kindle format – but that does not mean that you need a Kindle to download and read it! Amazon has created several clever (and free) programs to allow you to download Kindle books to other devices, such as PCs, Macs, iPads and smartphones. You can get links to all the free reader programs here:

    Once you have installed the free program to whatever device you use, you can then buy and read Kindle books as though you were using a Kindle.

    Best wishes from Sue

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