My e-publishing adventure – part 12

Goodness, what with the summer hols and all, it seems an age since I last updated you on my progress in the world of e-publishing.  Regular readers will know that my MLRO-about-town Edward Jones appears in Money Laundering Bulletin every other month, and once he has survived three adventures he is published in e-format as “Suspicious Activity” – that’s the pretty pictures you can see down the side of this blog.  But MLB does that bumper summer issue thing, with one issue covering July and August (although I don’t think it has the giant crossword and summer romances that used to appear in the bumper “Bunty”), and so it’s been a while since Edward put in an appearance.  This is about to change, as I have just submitted his latest outing for publication in the October MLB, which means that the next part of “Suspicious Activity” will be out on 1 October.  I did wonder whether to do an Apple-style launch, but I couldn’t think of somewhere suitable for MLROs to gather in fevered anticipation at midnight on 3o September.  As you may recall, I asked fans of Edward to choose a new character to join him in his battle against the forces of money laundering evil, and perhaps I should have seen this coming: they chose Winston, a teddy-bear.  Ooo, you do like to give me a challenge – but I think I have met it.  You’ll just have to wait and see.

And a couple of you have kindly asked about sales figures.  The last time I updated you was in April, so during May, June and July I sold a total of twenty copies (yes, that’s twenty whole copies) of “Suspicious Activity” Part 1, seven copies of Part 2, seven of Part 3 and six of Part 4.  I’m looking forward to publishing Part 5, and then I have to think of a clever way to wind up the series with Part 6, as I promised I would.  I could ask for ideas, but I fear that someone might suggest incorporating a ballroom-dancing hippo or a gravity-defying dinosaur – and who says MLROs have no sense of humour?

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