I’m game if you are

No, this isn’t about football – although I believe that there is a tournament going on somewhere that people are quite excited about.  And this isn’t even about FIFA – although there is certainly plenty of material there for many, many posts.  No: this is about games in AML training.  They are on my mind because today I am debuting a new game in some client training, and it’s always a bit nerve-racking until I’ve seen it in action.  (Of course I have run through it at home, with my husband and cat as players with various levels of engagement, but I won’t know its true worth until I see it in the heat of battle, as it were.)

Ever since I trained as a teacher in the late Medieval period, I have tried to include games. I don’t mean in that “well, it’s the last day of term and it keeps the little toads off the streets” way, but rather as a fun way to revise material.  I try to use games as the final element of a training session, as a way to reinforce what we have already covered, and – I’ll be honest here – as a mechanism for making sure that people leave the training with a smile and fond memories.  Only once have I offered to include a game (bingo, I think it was) and been turned down, on the basis that “our senior members of staff will think it childish and a waste of time”.  At the end of the senior session, I put up my final slide and asked for questions.  “Aren’t we playing bingo?” asked the MD.  “We heard about it from the other session – I’m going to win the beach-ball!”  I bet even Robert Morgenthau would have liked a quick round of money laundering snakes and ladders.

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4 Responses to I’m game if you are

  1. Would love to hear whether it’s been successful. We do online AML training and truthfully are always looking for something that might “excite” the audience.

  2. Tim says:

    I’m looking forward to the Bingo / Snakes and Ladders at the end of your presentation to the JCOA on 03/07/12 here in Jersey!! 🙂

    • Hi Tim
      Sadly, because of time constraints (only an hour to cover all of AML training plus questions) and the huge audience (129 at last count – how exciting!) we won’t be able to play games with the JCOA. I’m as disappointed as you are!
      Best wishes from Susan

      • Tim says:

        I did have my tongue firmly in my cheek at the time, so will try to contain my disappointment!!



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