Dancing in the thought showers

Like all right-thinking people, I abhor jargon.  We’ve all snickered at the low-hanging fruit and tried not to look under the bonnet, and many of us have whiled away dull meetings in a secret game of Jargon Bingo.  But in the past I have made the mistake of dismissing the idea because of the jargon.  I am not a team-player: I am an only child, my chosen pastimes are generally solitary, and I run a one-person business – which makes me sound like a real Susie-No-Mates, but when it comes to serious work, I concentrate best alone.  Or at least I thought I did.

To the non-team-player, the brainstorm is anathema.  Actually, it’s not a brainstorm any more – it’s a thought shower, apparently.  But whatever you call it, I’ve never had much time for it.  Until now.  With the recent publication of my book on AML for NEDs (whaddya mean you’ve not heard of it – links to all four jurisdictional editions are here), I found myself struggling to think of how to promote it.  I did the usual stuff: contacting friends in high places in the relevant jurisdictions, seeing if local papers want to review it (that would be no), and generally pestering people through, for instance, this blog.  But there must be more, I thought – and so I put out a general plea for ideas.  Well, my friends, I’m soaked to the skin in this thought shower, and I’ve spent nearly two days now implementing all of the fab ideas suggested to me.  That’s not to say that I won’t welcome more, so any thoughts, please do lob them over.  And I will try not to dismiss the concept because of its name – although I have never and will never, ever strive to get all my ducks in a row, or to give something 110% of my effort.

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