My e-publishing adventure – part 11

Last time I updated you on the progress of e-Edward (on 4 April 2012), I asked you to vote for a new character to join my happy band of compliance-minded folk.  I suggested three possible people – and a teddy-bear.  You can see where this is going.  Yes: Edward Jones, MLRO-about-town, will soon be accompanied by Winston, his childhood teddy-bear – and Cathy Wilson, a junior financial investigator at SOCA.  Working them into the story is going to be a special challenge.  Stand by your beds – or lie on the pillow, if you’re Winston.

I realise that I have failed to update you on sales figures for the Edward series, so absorbed have I been in tracking the fate of Ned the pig and his four editions.  I have now checked, and during March and April I sold ten copies of Edward Part 1, five copies of Part 2, three of Part 3 and six of Part 4.  This means that my royalties for the two months have gone into double figures – I’ve broken the ten pound barrier!  I do hope that James Patterson isn’t feeling too threatened.

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