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That blind eye had better be really blind

For various reasons (obesession, mainly) I’ve just been reading the FSA’s Notices on Habib Bank and its MLRO Syed Itrat Hussain.  In case you missed it, on 4 May 2012 the FSA fined the bank £525,000 and the MLRO £17,500 … Continue reading

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Sticking my oar in

We all have our dreams, don’t we?  Perhaps some of you long to sail around the world, or play golf at Augusta, or win “Strictly Come Dancing”.  If so, you’re all much more interesting and rounded than I am – … Continue reading

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Running away to join the circus

Well, it happened again.  You remember that I once said that when I go out to dinner and say what I do for a living, I often find myself held responsible for the due diligence woes of the whole table, … Continue reading

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The unambition of adequacy

That post title sounds a bit like a philosophical treatise by John Milton, doesn’t it?  But actually I am referring to the rather less abstract Bribery Act 2010.  I’ve been talking about this legislation a lot this week, mostly in … Continue reading

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I’m game if you are

No, this isn’t about football – although I believe that there is a tournament going on somewhere that people are quite excited about.  And this isn’t even about FIFA – although there is certainly plenty of material there for many, … Continue reading

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School for schemers

A little story made me laugh this morning – apparently when police in Calgary in Canada raided the premises of a drug gang, they found an autographed copy of “Crime School Money Laundering” by ex-Mountie Chris Mather.  Mr Mather was … Continue reading

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Well, he had a good innings

Yesterday a court in America sentenced Texan financier Allen Stanford to 110 years in prison for running, over two decades, a Ponzi fraud that netted him more than US$7 billion.  His lawyers had suggested that a suitable sentence might be … Continue reading

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Dancing in the thought showers

Like all right-thinking people, I abhor jargon.  We’ve all snickered at the low-hanging fruit and tried not to look under the bonnet, and many of us have whiled away dull meetings in a secret game of Jargon Bingo.  But in … Continue reading

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Thinking the unthinkable

I stayed with a friend this weekend, and her new chap asked me what I do for a living.  I gave the usual potted explanation: I provide anti-money laundering training and advice, so I help institutions to guard against criminal … Continue reading

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Anti-cyclical money laundering

MLROs and their staff love feedback, and so it has become the norm for most FIUs (Financial Intelligence Units – responsible for receiving and processing suspicious activity reports, or SARs) to issue statistics.  The headline figure is always the total … Continue reading

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