Off-white collar crime

I’ve never met him, but I think I’m going to like David Green, the incoming Director of the UK’s Serious Fraud Office.  In various newspaper interviews last week (such as with the FT and the Telegraph), he sounded very fierce indeed.  As well he might: working as a criminal solicitor in the east end of London before joining the bar, he ended up as head of HM Revenue & Customs Prosecution Office where he had a 92% conviction rate (compared to the SFO’s rate of 70%).  He’s not interested in low-level stuff such as boiler-room scams, mortgage frauds or bent solicitors: “In a time of finite resources, such resources as you have are obviously best employed against significant strategic targets.  I don’t want the SFO to be mired in cases which are not top-end fraud.”  And those “significant strategic targets” should watch out: there will be little negotiating with the new regime.  As Mr Green puts it so well: “White-collar crooks are crooks.  Crooks are crooks – no matter what colour their collar is.”  Oooo, I think I feel a girlish swoon coming on…

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