Ned lands in Jersey

Ned – the pig in shades – has braved the April weather to take a Trislander across to Jersey, and landed there yesterday.  For those of you who don’t have the foggiest what I am on about, this means that “Anti-Money Laundering: A Guide for the Non-Executive Director (Jersey Edition)” is now available for purchase via the Book Depository (with an extra 10% off at the moment, and free delivery to Jersey).  If you’re reading this actually on the blog, you can also click on the book cover over there → → → → →

There is something of a mystery with this Jersey edition.  As you may recall, all editions are published by an American print-on-demand place called CreateSpace, which lists them automatically on  From there, they are picked up by the UK book database called Neilsen, and this hopefully means that they are chosen for listing by and the Book Depository (which is the point at which I publicise them).  But a copy of the Jersey edition sold directly via the CreateSpace website within an hour of my publishing it.  So no publicity, no links, no nothing: did someone just happen to Google-search those exact terms at the right moment, or did they buy it thinking it was about New Jersey?  I can imagine Tony Soprano leafing through it in his office behind the lap-dancing club – now that would be product placement!

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2 Responses to Ned lands in Jersey

  1. Roy McCarthy says:

    The pig likes his thrills then, going up in one of those things in this weather.:-) I’ll be investing in a copy of the Jersey edition shortly. Well done Susan.

  2. Hello Roy
    Well, Ned did say that the crossing was a bit rocky – he looked a bit green rather than pink on landing, I’m told… Many thanks for your support for the book.
    Best wishes from Susan

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