Ned finds his way to Guernsey

It’s all too exciting: no sooner has Ned, the pig in sunglasses, made his debut on the UK stage than he hops on an Aurigny plane and arrives in Guernsey as well!  Yes, “Anti-Money Laundering: A Guide for the Non-Executive Director (Guernsey Edition)” is now available from the Book Depository, which means you can pay in sterling (subject to AML checks, of course) and get free delivery to Guernsey.  Even more thrilling, the BD currently has a sale, offering 10% off everything – bargain city!  (I’ve realised belatedly that telling you to click on the book cover to the right doesn’t work for those of you who get these updates by email, but only for people reading on the actual blog – apologies.  But at least it shows that you can indeed teach an old dog, etc.)

Ned will also be visiting Jersey very soon, and the Isle of Man too – all four editions of the book are now published and indeed listed on, so it’s simply a matter of time, waiting for the Book Depository to get them.  Crumbs: I just hope that people like them.

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