Ned makes his world debut

While you’ve been kindly following my e-publishing adventures, I have actually been keeping a Big Secret from you: as well as e-publishing, I have been POD-publishing.  That’s print-on-demand, and it involves publishing a book that is printed whenever anyone orders a copy.  It’s a bit complicated, because the POD publisher I chose is in America, and my prospective buyers are in the UK (and soon in Guernsey, and Jersey, and the Isle of Man), so I had to wait until the two were in alignment.  And now – I can’t tell you how excited I am about this – they are, and so I can introduce to the world: Ned, the pig in shades.  There he is, over on the right → → → → →

Isn’t he a handsome beast?  He signals the launch of my new book: “Anti-Money Laundering: A Guide for the Non-Executive Director (UK Edition)”.  (Guernsey and Jersey editions are already on their way – again, we’re waiting for them to appear on a UK website – and IoM is next in line.)  I have felt for a while that non-execs (NEDs – hence the piggy name) are poorly served when it comes to info on AML/CFT, and so this concise guide aims to give them everything they need to know to contribute effectively to the design and monitoring of the AML/CFT regimes of the companies on whose Boards they serve.  You can buy it by clicking on the link above, or on Ned’s portrait over there → → → → →.  The UK distributor is the Book Depository, and they offer free postage to dozens of countries (including Guernsey, Jersey and the IoM, when your edition comes out).  I’m off to have a Jaffa Cake to celebrate – and it’s only 8.30am!

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