My e-publishing adventure – part 10

It’s not quite the midnight launch of the latest Harry Potter, but I know that at least two of you have been asking about the latest instalment of Edward’s adventures, so here they are: “Suspicious Activity: The Adventures of an MLRO – Part 4”.  Just what you need to accompany all those chocolate eggs at the weekend.

Those of you who are following the story will know that Edward’s life is about to become very complicated with the appearance of a PEP on his radar, and I am thinking of introducing another character to help him deal with this.  I can’t quite decide who to bring in, and as a bit of fun thought I would ask you, my lovely readers.  So who should Edward team up with:

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6 Responses to My e-publishing adventure – part 10

  1. Nicholas says:

    Okay, since it’s Easter, how about a charming nordic anti-money laundering consultant called ‘Asrun S Goosey’!!

  2. You old smoothie, Nicholas! I’d have to design a special jumper.
    Best wishes from Susan

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