My e-publishing adventure – part 9

Just a quick update, because I know you all love to hear how Edward’s sales figures are going.  (For new readers, that’s “Suspicious Activity: The Adventures of An MLRO – Part 1”, “Part 2” and “Part 3” – which all star MLRO-about-town Edward Jones.)  Well, it was rather a bumper month in February – perhaps some of you old romantics bought an Edward download or two as a Valentine’s treat for your beloved.  Anyway, drum roll please: Part 1 sold ten copies, Part 2 six copies and Part 3 five copies.  This feeding frenzy has netted me a grand total of £12.19 and US$0.96 in royalties, which is just enough for, well, a feeding frenzy of my own.  Part 4 is in my sights – onwards and upwards!

(And just a quick advance plug: my book on AML for non-exec directors is nearing completion – just waiting for the cover designer to work his magic – and will be appearing soon as a print-on-demand paperback, so there will be more sales figures to track.  Can you bear the excitement?)

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