Eds and NEDs

I know how you clamour to hear the latest sales figures for the adventures of Edward Jones, MLRO-about-town, and what a bumper month we had in January!  I think we can safely make reference to lukewarm cakes, the selling thereof.  I sold seven copies of “Suspicious Activity Part 1“, seven copies of “SA Part 2“, and six copies of “SA Part 3“.  The sales were through the UK and US Amazon stores; oddly enough, the Germans, French, Italians and Spanish are resisting the manifold charms of Eduard/Edouard/Eduardo.  But with £13.60 in royalties in the kitty, I’m laughing!  By the way, if any of you has bought any part of Edward, I would be inordinately, hugely, immeasurably grateful if you could pop along to Amazon and leave a review – if it’s a positive one, it will help my rankings enormously.  At the moment, in ranking terms Edward is languishing somewhere between “The Harry Redknapp Guide to Personal Finance” and “The Imelda Marcos Song-Book: Ballads and Despots”.

On a related publishing matter, concerning my idea for a guide to AML for UK NEDs, I have now heard back from the IoD and they are not interested.  It seems that they publish from within only, and their publishing calendar for this year is full.  So off I go down the self-publishing route once more.  Do you have any views on whether it should be an e-book, or a print-on-demand paperback, or simply a PDF download?  (And don’t worry, offshore readers: once I’ve got the UK version nailed, I hope to be Guernsey-fying, Jersey-fying, Manx-ifying and Gib-ifying.  Any views on local demand?)

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5 Responses to Eds and NEDs

  1. Nicholas says:

    I hope sales pick up, I think the adventures of Edward are great.

    With regards to the AML guide for NEDS, I think a PDF download would be the way forward.

  2. Tim says:

    I agree with Nicholas on the pdf format.

  3. Hello, Nicholas and Tim, and thank you for your thoughts. I suggested PDF download only as a last-minute idea, but it might actually be simplest all round. And then I can do editing very easily as well. I’m warming to the idea…. Let’s face it: I’m not going to be in the running for the Man Booker, am I?!
    Best wishes from Susan

  4. Nicholas, I have just spotted your lovely reviews on Amazon – thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot tell you how unreasonably excited I am to have reviews, and such positive ones too. I am very grateful to you for taking the time.
    Best wishes from Susan

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