The joys of tech support

I’m rather proud of the fact that I created this blog all by myself.  Granted, it’s not like the old days, when you had to code in, well, code: all I did was choose a pretty template and then bung in my own words.  But I have worked out how to add widgets (that’s those bits over there on the right → → → → → → → ) and how to link from page to page and to external stories.  The downside of being so techie-lite is that when something changes, I’m not quite sure what to do about it.

Some of you may have noticed one such change.  It used to be that there were my ten most recent posts on this front page, where you’re reading now, and you had to click “Previous” to get back to older ones.  This meant that when you scrolled down to the foot of the page, you reached the foot of the page – and could see how many people had visited the site and other riveting details.  But now, when you scroll down the page, you just keep going.  Go on – give it a try (but then please come back).  Personally, I don’t like this – it makes me dizzy to see the page constantly refresh.  And often I do genuinely want to see those stats at the bottom.  So I put up a question on a WordPress forum – and it turns out that their techie elves have unilaterally installed this new feature onto their templates.  It is called, rather sinisterly to my mind, “infinite scrolling”.  I’ve asked them to stop it.  I’ll keep you posted (that’s a blog joke).

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2 Responses to The joys of tech support

  1. Claire says:

    I’m back! 😀 You are right: inifinite scrolling. So I had to check my own blog, on which I haven’t written for months now (shame, shame), and I still get the “older posts” option after the 5 per page I chose. Now you want to know my secret I guess. The blog is in my own domain, but I use wordpress software. So, you can always create your own domain for your blog and move everything! Or hope that enough wordpress bloggers complain so they do something about it.

  2. Hi Claire – you’ll never believe this, but it worked!!! So many of us complained to WordPress that they have put an option in the settings for us to turn off the cursed Infinite Scroll – which I have done. It is such a relief to see my home page behaving itself, and not refreshing madly. Welcome back to the footers!
    Best wishes from Susan

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