My e-publishing adventure – part 8

It’s a funny new world, e-publishing.  It means that I can put “publish Edward Part 3” in my diary as a to do, and tick it off in a morning.  OK, so it’s not quite as exciting as cycling out to Money Laundering Resource to collect actual copies of “The Money Laundering Officer’s Practical Handbook”, as I do every autumn, but it’s not far short.

Those of you who have been – literally – following the story so far will know that I have been writing the adventures of Edward Jones, MLRO of the fictional Radleys Bank in London, general all-round good guy and, let’s face it, compliance hero.  These adventures have been appearing every other month-ish in tip-top trade paper Money Laundering Bulletin, and are now, with their support, being gathered into e-books, each containing three stories (about 6,000 words).  Parts 1 and 2 have been out for a while and are dribbling off the virtual shelves (even I can’t claim that they are flying, although readers do email me to say that they enjoy them, which is such a delight).  And appearing on the bookshelf today we have “Suspicious Activity: The Adventures of an MLRO – Part 3”.

Is that enough of a puff, do you think?  I absolutely love the writing, I really enjoy the publishing stuff (getting the formatting right, choosing the cover image, etc.) but I’m not so keen on the boasting.  That’s all promotion is really, isn’t it: commercially-sanctioned boasting?  So, in short: here’s more of Edward.  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to My e-publishing adventure – part 8

  1. Nicholas says:

    Great, the next part, can’t wait to read it!

  2. Aw, how kind! I hope you enjoy it. I have had to draw a chart to keep track of all the characters as I develop the story-lines – I believe they do this when writing episodes of “Coronation Street”, if perhaps with a slightly larger audience.
    Best wishes from Susan

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