My e-publishing adventure – part 7

I’m expecting great things in my next report, as doubtless hundreds, nay thousands, of MLROs were given Kindles and iPads for Christmas and, once they returned to the office in January, logged straight on to Amazon to download the latest adventures of Edward.  But that excitement is for another day: this month I need to report, well, confess to you my sales figures for the previous month.

In December 2011, I sold eight copies of Edward Part 1 (actually, I sold nine, but one was then refunded – I’m trying not to take it personally) and two copies of Edward Part 2.  Comparing those figures to November 2011, this is a tremendous 33% increase in sales for Part 1, and an astonishing 100% increase for Part 2!  Yes – that’s 100%!  (You see how comforting statistics can be.)

Rather excitingly, I have now – without any effort whatsoever on my part – gone truly global.  My little books are now listed on the Amazon sites in Germany, France, Italy and Spain – although quite what readers in those countries would make of the travails of an MLRO in London is something of a mystery.  I can only imagine what an Italian banker would say as Edward triumphs once again over the forces of evil (i.e. his Director of New Business).  If anyone in those countries ever buys one, I’ll let you know.  And soon, of course, my thoughts must turn to Edward Part 3 – the saga continues.

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2 Responses to My e-publishing adventure – part 7

  1. Paul Coleman says:

    Looking forward to part 3!

  2. I’m checking it for typos and formatting (Kindle is very fussy about the latter) and then you’ll be able to see what Edward has been up to recently! So glad you’re enjoying it.
    Best wishes from Susan

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