Thai update

In an update to yesterday’s post, it turns out that seventy people were involved in the fraud.  In short, someone rang this elderly lady, told her that he was the head of the Thai FIU, and said that she was under investigation for laundering money on behalf of a drug gang.  He then said that she needed to transfer her money to his account so that it could be checked for criminality!  Being a trusting soul, she did this for several weeks until she ran out of money, and then he told her to borrow some from friends….  She finally smelled a rat, and went to the FIU to ask for her money back.  Not surprisingly, it has pretty much all gone from the receiving accounts.  The head of the FIU is steaming, both at his name being taken in vain, and at the ineptitude of the old lady’s bank, which did not spot anything unusual about her transactions.  You can read more here.

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