My e-publishing adventure – part 6

I’m beginning to regret this, but at the end of October I did report to you my e-book sales figures so I suppose I must continue.  Sadly, it is not looking good – there’s barely enough in the Amazon coffers for a two-stick Twirl, let alone retirement to a tropical clime.  But here goes: in November, I sold six copies of Edward Part 1, and one single little sad copy of Edward Part 2.  Which makes me worry that Part 1 was not gripping enough to persuade people to move on to Part 2 – even with the will-they-won’t-they bromance brewing between Edward and Giles.  (Only kidding, if you’re one of the readers who knows who they are.)

My husband – who of course says that I am the best writer in the world, as well as the best cook, so we know he’s lying – suggests that people might be worried that this is like one of those part-work magazines, where they don’t tell you at the outset that there are 475 parts to collect.  If I said that there will be six parts in total, might that help?  And people think that they have to have a Kindle to get e-books – although there is free software on Amazon to turn just about any device into a Kindle-ish.

My hopes are now pinned on Christmas.  What MLRO or compliance officer of your acquaintance would not be delighted to receive a card with £2 sellotaped inside and strict instructions that it must be spent on these e-books?  That’s a rhetorical question, before you all write in with the answer.

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2 Responses to My e-publishing adventure – part 6

  1. Graham Thomas says:

    Dear Susan

    Thank you for the latest update on your e-publishing career. Let’s hope that the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy helps to boost the figures!

    As some (hopefully) constructive feedback, I do know that you spent quite some time on your research before setting the price and that there was a lot more time and thought that went into the content itself but, as one of the purchasers of volume 1 (and volume 2 might be on my Christmas list), I did feel that the book was over a little bit too quickly when compared to others that I have bought and that could be one of the factors impacting on the sales of volume 2?

    Still, quality beats quantity in my view and I always enjoy reading your various deliberations on the world of AML. Keep up the good work as ever.


    • Dear Graham
      Many thanks indeed for taking the time to offer your thoughts – you could be right about too little content. I should warn you that Part 2 is the same length – three adventures, or about 6,000 words. It is difficult, when people are selling full-length e-novels for 49p, or even giving them away, but I did promise “Money Laundering Bulletin” that I wouldn’t sell Edward short. I’ll have another think…
      Best wishes from Susan

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