Be careful what you wish for

The other day (in this post here) I lamented the lack of hot action on the AML front.  Foolish, foolish woman.  Almost the moment I pressed the “Publish” button (I know – it’s thrilling every time), HMT announced a likely timetable for the next ML Regs, and Transparency International said that its Corruption Perceptions Index 2011 would be coming out on 1 December (only one sleep to go!).  Well, my friends, that was only the start of it.

In the past fortnight, the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (my Top Regulator – and yes, I do rank these things in my mind) has issued two new Instructions on naughty countries.  Each time they do this, I jump and update all of my training material that makes reference to these lists – including a rather nifty geography-based quiz that I have devised in my idle moments.  But twice in a fortnight, guys.  And then today PricewaterhouseCoopers (Longest Name for a Professional Firm) has published its Global Economic Crime Survey 2011.  Now, I love a crime survey as much as the next person, indeed probably more, but each time they do this, I jump and update etc.  And tomorrow we will have the CPI 2011 – which means that I will have to jump and update etc.

Dare I say it: enough already.  Until I’m bored next week and want more, I tell you – MORE!  Because, truth be told, AML info is like 70% single plantation dark chocolate: you can never get enough.

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2 Responses to Be careful what you wish for

  1. Graham Thomas says:

    Hi Susan
    It is nice to see the amount of influence which you have on the great and the good. Depending on the success of your latest “£10 biscuit voucher” proposal (see earlier post), perhaps you could then move on to suggesting that some progress be made on the ever growing eurozone debt mountain? The current daily headlines of economic woe almost make me nostalgic for those good old CAP days when the European mountains making the headlines were made of butter!

  2. Hello Graham
    Well, I know that the number-crunchers at the Treasury – well, the AML-tasked ones at least – do occasionally cast their eye over this blog, so fingers crossed for the eurozone debt. And I remember the butter mountains – perhaps they have all been converted into biscuits!
    Best wishes from Susan

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