Maybe someone IS listening

Could it be that someone really is listening to what I say?  In my last blog post, I said that I was waiting impatiently for the latest Corruption Perceptions Index – and lo!  I have just received an alert from Transparency International announcing that the CPI 2011 will be presented to the waiting world on 1 December – only six sleeps away!  This is a new development for TI: fanfaring the publication of various key indices and rankings.  I wonder whether it gets them more media coverage; it certainly gives me time to rootle out all the presentations I have recently prepared that will now need updating with the latest list.  (My predictions?  Am I brave enough?  Oh go on then: top spot still Denmark; bottom spot still Somalia; UK, Australia and Switzerland on the slide.)

Talking of presentations, I have been doing them for AML for about, heavens, sixteen years now.  And when I first started, I used to print delegate notes with six slides to a page – to save paper, as times were hard as a young AML trainer, starving in a garret, reusing staples, etc.  I then moved to three slides to a page, with notes space alongside.  And now I am getting ready for my latest MLRO workshop in Guernsey (can I just say again how much I love doing MLRO workshops – a whole day chewing the AML fat with like-minded people).  I printed out the first presentation in three-to-a-page format, and would you believe it, my arms seem to have shrunk.  No matter how I stretched, I couldn’t read those printouts.  So now I have gone for two-to-a-page.  Thankfully, as my eyesight weakens, my coffers can take the extra paper expenditure – cosmic swings and roundabouts.  (It’s like holidays: when you’re young you have plenty of time for them but no money, and later you have plenty of money for them but no time.)

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