My e-publishing adventure – part 5, for part 2

I meant to wait until December, I really did, but then I started to edit the three chapters and then I found the perfect cover image, and before I knew it, I was uploading “Suspicious Activity: The Adventures of a Money Laundering Reporting Officer – Part 2” to Amazon.  I did wonder whether I am a little early for the Christmas buying frenzy, but then compliance people are generally well-organised and are probably already thinking about the perfect gift for the MLRO in their lives.

From an e-publishing perspective it was much simpler this time round, as all of the steps were familiar from publishing “Suspicious Activity – Part 1”.  I did go back and add “Part 1” to the title of the first one, so that people are less likely to be confused and buy the wrong one, or think that they are buying a complete work rather than a part of a serialisation.  And the pricing is something of a dark art.  As Kindle is essentially American, the base price is in USD – $2.75 for each part.  But Part 1 shows on the UK Amazon site as costing £2, while Part 2 shows as £1.97.  A bargain!

Amazon is a whiz at on-selling (as someone who has bought knitting books in the past, I am frequently offered books on babies – presumably the “granny algorithm” at work) so I do hope that the eleven people who bought Part 1 are now being bombarded with blandishments to buy Part 2.  (Note to self: “Bombarded with Blandishments” is an excellent book title.)  I’ll be able to tell you soon, as I’m one of them.  Well of course I bought my own book: what else would I give my husband for Christmas?

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