My e-publishing adventure – part 4

Well, it’s the last day of the month, and for we e-authors that means only one thing: monthly Amazon sales reports!  I am sure that JK Rowling and Dean Koontz are loading the printer paper tray in readiness, but for some of us the figures will fit comfortably onto one sheet.  That said, I am still ridiculously excited when the number ticks over – and am delighted to announce that in October I sold eight copies of “Suspicious Activity: The Adventures of an MLRO – Part 1 – five here in the UK and three in the US, so I can say that I have been published internationally!

Sadly, given that I make something like 70p per copy sold and then give 40% of that to Boy George, I think we all have to accept that I am not going to retire early to some paradisical hideaway, its shelves stuffed with books, magazines and dark chocolate (well, that’s my idea of paradise).  That said, I have really enjoyed the whole e-publishing process: finding out how it works, putting questions on the forum, seeing my name on someone’s Kindle – all great fun.  And now I am getting ready to publish the next part of Edward’s adventures; they are all written, and just (just!) need formatting for e-publication.  You’d be surprised how pernickety KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is about seemingly innocuous things like tab marks and bullet points.  So if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for the beloved MLRO in your life, how about Edward?  He’s house-trained, I promise.

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