My e-publishing adventure – part 3

I am by nature generally an optimistic person – I think you have to be, when you run your own business, as there’s no-one else to buck you up when things are slow.  But even my optimism is being tested by the pace of sales of Edward’s adventures (“Suspicious Activity: The Adventures of an MLRO” – now available on Amazon for e-readers).  I didn’t expect to retire on the proceeds, but two sales in a fortnight is sluggish, nay, quasi-comatose, and so I have disciplined myself not to check the online sales reports more than once a day.

As well as optimism, self-employment demands responsibility: if my book is not selling, the only person I can blame is myself.  I know from lovely feedback from readers of “Money Laundering Bulletin” that Edward himself is a popular chap, so it’s not the content.  (OK, so the adventures of an MLRO may not have a huge readership, but surely more than two?)  And I think the problem is publicity: I’m just not very good at it.  (For instance, I keep forgetting to tell people about this blog…)  So I need to crank up the promotional machine to get Edward out there.  Any ideas gratefully received.

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4 Responses to My e-publishing adventure – part 3

  1. Tim Renault says:

    Keep the optimism up. I would have purchased a copy, however I don’t currently possess an e-reader, so purchasing the e-book would not make good sense!!
    When I do get one (I am putting it on my list to Santa, so if I’m good I may be in luck!!) then I will certainly purchase Edward’s adventures!!



    • Graham says:

      Hi Tim
      I don’t have an e-reader either but I did recently take the plunge and get a “smart phone”. A friend then explained that I could get the Kindle e-reader for my phone and, although I wasn’t at all convinced by the idea, it now works as a good standby alternative for those times when I don’t have a real book to hand (dentists waiting rooms etc). There are thousands of free books available with which you can experiment before deciding to part with any hard earned cash.
      Speaking of which, I must get round to buying a copy of Edward’s adventures (and boosting Susan’s sales figures !!).

      • Hello Graham
        Many thanks for this suggestion. And you’re quite right: Amazon are very generous about this (hoping, of course, to sell more e-books), and offer free “Kindle-ifying” software for iPhones, iPads, Macs and Windows PCs, so almost anyone can have the “Kindle experience”.
        Best wishes from Susan

  2. Dear Tim
    Thank you so much for the very timely encouragement – I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Santa brings you what you want! He’s not admitting to it, but I think one of my sales was to my husband, downloading to his iPad – what a nice man.
    Best wishes from Susan

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