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When points don’t mean prizes

The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has announced that it is bringing charges against Munir Patel under the sparkly new Bribery Act 2010.  (The Serious Fraud Office will handle the big, juicy cases involving foreign bribery but are happy to … Continue reading

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A few tips about tipping-off

A couple of weeks ago, I promised you an occasional series of posts on the most frequently asked questions I get during AML training.  I have already covered suspicion, so now it’s the turn of tipping-off.  (For a start, I’m … Continue reading

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Lionheart or launderer?

Way back in the mists of time, I attended (yes, attended rather than presented) my first-ever anti-money laundering training session.  I was wide-eyed with wonder, bitten by the AML bug on my first exposure, and listened spellbound to all that … Continue reading

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Something’s smelling rank around here

We all love rankings and league tables, don’t we?  Top ten this and five biggest that – we can’t resist.  And the world of money laundering is no different.  Pity the poor MLRO, looking for ways to apply a fair … Continue reading

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All I need now is the ladder on wheels

A few days ago (here, in fact), I talked a bit about a book I am reading called “Treasure Islands”.  (No, I haven’t finished it yet – I’m one of those maddening people who read several books at once [one … Continue reading

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Asset forfeiture – or theft?

The issue of asset forfeiture has divided people for some time.  On one side of the debate we have people like this American blogger, who think that asset forfeiture is akin to theft.  In fact, he calls it “the second … Continue reading

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