Are we all making money from crime?

Out of the mouths of babes.  A while ago I was doing some introductory-level AML training – what money laundering is, why it matters, you know the drill – and someone asked a very interesting question.  “Is anti-money laundering the only training you do?”  “Yes, lucky woman that I am – it’s a wonderful subject,” I answered brightly.  “In that case, aren’t you making money from crime?”  Oh lordy.

If you go back to basics, I am indeed making a living from crime.  If the crime of money laundering were not being committed by other people, I would have nothing to talk, write or train about.  Heavens above, my company name – Thinking about Crime Limited – suggests that it occupies my thoughts day and night.  Following her logic to its conclusion (which seems to be the fate of all logic – always being pursued to the end), the same accusation of making money from crime could be levelled at all sorts of people: policemen, lawyers, prison guards, criminal psychologists, Agatha Christie…  And (stay with me here – you may need to sit down) if we’re all making money from crime, are all our financial transactions therefore money laundering?

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1 Response to Are we all making money from crime?

  1. You do your laundry only once, till it’s dirty again. So my view is that the money we receive from wherever, has been laundered already. Since we are not involved in any criminal activities, the money stays clean while passing through our hands.

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