My e-publishing adventure – part 1

I don’t normally blog on a Saturday, but this is a very exciting day.  I don’t mean the England/Romania rugby match or indeed the lecture on the future of engineering that I am attending later (both the result of being married to a rugby-mad engineer), but rather the fact that this weekend I am going to become a publisher.  Of my own book.  On Amazon.  To be fair, that sounds WAY grander than it is.  What I am actually going to do is format my manuscript and upload it to Amazon’s Kindle publishing platform, and put it out there for sale as a Kindle e-book.  (Although I should point out that free Kindle software can be downloaded to all sorts of e-readers – my poor husband will be bludgeoned into buying my book for his iPad, as if he didn’t get enough AML talk every day.)

The background is this.  For a decade now I have been writing ten articles a year for trade paper Money Laundering Bulletin.  I see this as a vital element of my working life because MLB is of real, practical assistance to the MLRO, and that in turn is because the long-standing editor Timon Molloy (our very own Shakespearean hero – who could ask for more?) truly understands his subject.  A couple of years ago I asked Timon whether I could intersperse my more serious articles with ones chronicling the adventures of a fictional MLRO, who would find himself dealing with the issues facing real MLROs and – through the medium of story-telling and humour – help those real MLROs to find solutions.  Timon agreed, although I am sure he thought I was a bit mad, and Edward Jones was born.  He appears every other month, and I am now inordinately fond of him.  (Wasn’t Dorothy L Sayers in love with her creation Lord Peter Wimsey?  I’ve not gone that far yet, but I’d definitely let Edward share my Jaffa Cakes, and there’s not many people who get that privilege.)

I have in my time written quite a few books for MLROs – well, two, but one of them comes in several editions and hey, that counts.  And recently I found myself in the mood to write another.  I also started to get interested in the e-book market, and thought it might be fun to dip a toe into publishing on that platform.  So I asked the powers-that-be at MLB, and they very kindly said that I could launch Edward onto Amazon.  Of course I have read a book on e-publishing – you surely know by now that I am a girly swot – and it seems that publishing on the Kindle platform is straight-forward but painstaking, and so I have decided to take small steps.  I will publish Edward’s adventures in serialised form, three chapters at a time.  This means that I have shorter documents to format, and I can see what the appetite is for him as I go along.  So as England battle for supremacy in Dunedin, I shall be spell-checking, removing tabs and generally sprucing up my lovely Edward for his debut on the world stage.  I do hope he’s not too shy.

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