What’s the secret of great surveys? Timing

I don’t ask for much, I really don’t.  A few Jaffa Cakes, a chance to talk about money laundering every now and then – and some good, relevant statistics and findings to include in my training.  And every few years, KPMG supplies the third of these (I’ve hinted about the Jaffa Cakes, but no luck).  They publish a grandly-titled “Global Anti-Money Laundering Survey” – in 2004, 2007 and 2011 (does this mean that the interval is extending, and the next will be in 2016?).  To be strictly honest, it’s not quite global, as it’s restricted to “197 Heads of Compliance and other senior executives in banks… across 69 countries”, but it’s still an extremely useful snapshot.

Sadly for me, the survey results were published (a) the day after I sent about a million pages of workshop material to be duplicated, and (b) the very day on which I jetted off to Gibraltar to deliver some training.  Of course, to satisfy my sense of completeness and of giving people the Very Latest, I will have to update all of these presentations on the fly.  Still, that’s what makes live shows so exciting – the ever-present possibility of the presenter falling flat on her face.  So much more thrilling than computer-based training.

To download the full KPMG survey report, click here (and look in the right-hand column for the link to the PDF).  And to see my previous musings on another source of AML information (specifically the Corruption Perceptions Index – also due for an update soon – contain yourselves), take a look at this post.

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