A gift of a subject

I once stood in front of a group of bank staff to deliver their AML training.  Their MLRO introduced me thus: “Now, I know you all hate AML training, but the law says you’ve got to do it.  So pay attention and it won’t last that long.”  Harrumph.  He was the opposite of a warm-up man, and I had to leap around like a monkey on speed to enthuse these demoralised people who had been told that they would hate my training.

If I could find the individual responsible for giving AML training this reputation, I would happily throttle him.  Yes, AML training is a legal requirement – for good reason.  But no, it is not boring.  In fact, I think it is an absolute gift of a subject to the trainer.  It has all the elements of the best action movies – baddies, cops, lots of money, sex and violence.  And as for the colourful case studies for which there is an unending appetite, well, thankfully there is also an unending supply.  I thank my lucky stars every day that I have chosen this wonderful subject – imagine having to do health and safety training instead…

To see what happens when someone pays rather too much attention to their AML training, read this post.

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