To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

Not too many years ago, I went into an MLRO’s office in London and noticed that he didn’t have a computer.  “We’re not given them,” he explained.  “The secretaries do all the emailing for us.”  Now, I know that’s an extreme example, but I also know that the financial sector in particular is very sensitive about computer-y access to the outside world (or – more accurately – the outside world’s computer-y access to it).  There are still many financial sector employees whose computers are not connected to the Internet, and who are discouraged from using their smartphones to bypass the restriction.  It’s one reason why I dithered for so long about launching this blog: I wasn’t convinced that the right people would be allowed to read it at work, and I don’t flatter myself that they will be so fascinated that they will read it at home instead.

And now we have Twitter.  At a recent book festival I attended, a very successful author said that writers of non-fiction absolutely must have a “platform”, including a website (check), a blog (check) and regular Tweets (ah).  I am somewhat reluctant, as I already spend hours a day writing in various formats (articles, books, website updates, blog posts), and, to be frank, my AML world does not change rapidly enough to warrant minute-by-minute updates.  And I’m a bit scared.  I’ve never even looked at Twitter, let alone learned how to use it – all I really know is that Stephen Fry likes it (although he may have gone off it by now) and that you need an “@” somewhere.  So come on, my loyal blog readers: what do you think?  Do you Tweet?  Do you follow other people on Twitter?  Or should I keep my beak shut?

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5 Responses to To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

  1. Tim Renault says:

    I don’t Tweet and I think it is for people who have a little too much time on their hands. I would not follow a step by step account of your visits to SW6 (the library) on Twitter, but find it useful in the context of your blog.

    Just keep it to blogging. There is ample opportunity to read and smile at your observations on your blog.

    I would probably just highlight your blog a bit more in each newsletter you produce. I hadn’t properly appreciated that you had a blog before. That is probably my own lack of attention to previous newsletters for which apologies!

    I will ensure that it forms part of my regular reading going forwards!

  2. Tim Renault says:

    I realised as soon as I left my post and re-read your latest newsletter that you have only just started blogging!!

    Therefore my lack of attention was to your latest newsletter, not previous ones!!

    In any event I would add your blog address to the end of your newsletters where you have your web address and anywhere else you can!

    Blog – Yes please!
    Tweet – No thanks!

  3. Hi Tim
    I’ve been “blogging” in the basic manner of “keeping an online diary” on my website for several years now, but this proper blog, with searches and tags and fancy stuff is indeed a new development. Many thanks for subscribing.
    As for Tweeting, I think you’re right. I’m not drawn to it myself, but I did wonder whether people might expect it of me – glad to hear that you don’t!

  4. Tim Renault says:

    Hi Susan,
    Having gone back through your earlier blogs on this site, I have now read your first blog on 3 July.

    I can’t believe that you were even contemplating going through the physical pain of restricting yourself to 140 characters and the monetary pain of having to get a new phone!!

    Stick to your original principles!!


  5. I think you’re right, Tim – having nosed around a bit more, I don’t think Twitter is for me. I shall concentrate on my blog, where I can expound at length!

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