Like seeing prams when you’re pregnant

When my sister-in-law was first pregnant, she commented that she was suddenly noticing prams everywhere.  And it’s a bit like that with money laundering.  Once you’ve got the bug, you see it all over the place.  A local friend commented the other day that a newsagent’s shop near us seems to be less and less busy each time you go in, with fewer and fewer items on display – and yet the newsagent himself is chirpy enough.  How on earth does he make a living in quite expensive premises.  Oh hold on, it’s a cash-based business… (or at least that’s how my ML-addled mind works!)

A while ago I had an idea for a training game: show clips from movies featuring money laundering, and then match the laundering clip to the movie.  I thought it might be tricky to find enough clips to make a good game, but how wrong can you be?  I found my initial ten within about an hour, and then built up a reserve stock of about twenty more clips.  Who knew it was so pervasive?  For instance, I bet you didn’t know that the motive for the murder in “Ghost” was – you’ve guessed it – money laundering.  And you thought it was all X-rated pottery and Demi’s runny mascara.

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