My laundry list

When I first started out in AML, I did it purely for love of the subject – I didn’t have a grand career plan, and indeed some people counselled me to widen my net and deliver training and advice on other compliance issues.  Being a stubborn soul, and ridiculously loyal to AML, I refused – and I have been extremely lucky.  Despite the best efforts of world bodies and international and domestic law enforcement agencies, not to mention the regulated sector, we have signally failed to conquer money laundering.

I keep on my desk a list of ML-related topics for me to research, to make sure that I am keeping abreast of new developments and concerns.  This list has occasionally gone down to about three topics, but never fewer, and usually – as at the moment – considerably more.  There is always something to learn – and who could ask more from a career?  Recent research into the causes of happiness have found that the best way to stay happy is to keep learning, keep expanding your mind and your interests.  So it seems that I have something in common with the world’s leading criminals: money laundering makes us happy.

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